Aglaonema chinese evergreen

Aglaonema chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), is one of the best plants for beginners. This sturdy plant is wonderfully easy to grow. Most varieties have rich green leaves attractively patterned with silver. It’s a slow-growing plant, so you can enjoy it without worrying if it will grow out of bounds.

Chinese Evergreen Growing

You can grow Chinese evergreen just about anywhere in your home. It tolerates low light well, but also grows well in bright spots. It doesn’t even need natural light to thrive.

Chinese evergreen is not recommended for human or animal consumption.


Aglaonema Calypso

Aglaonema ‘Cecilia’

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty

Aglaonema ‘Golden Bay’

Aglaonema Maria


Aglaonema Silver Bay


Aglaonema siam aurora


Aglaonema Queen Juliana


Aglaonema Nicole

Aglaonema Romeo

Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’



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