Creepers & Climbers


For most of us, home isn’t just a place; it’s rather a feeling where we feel safe and happy. At home, we all have a favorite spot to relax our body and clear our minds while we are immersed in reading books, listening to our favorite music or sometimes to sip our coffee as we stare at the view in front of us.
Balconies and gardens have always topped these lists. Here we are going to share the perfect way to add flair to these spots with the help of different kind of vines, climbers and creepers that not only gives the looks but also are proven stress relievers.

For those who are new to these terms ‘creepers and climbers’, please don’t panic!
They are a beautiful category of plants that grow using some sort of support as they have weak stems. The tendrils (tiny extensions of the stem) and suckers (stem sprouts) help them to twine around their choice of backing.

Now let’s have a look at some of the options, that you really might consider adorning your balconies and walls with.

1. Devil’s Ivy (Money plant)

Also called silver vine, golden pothos, hunter’s robe, etc. it is one of the best creeper usually found in the temperate region. The fact that this plant requires little care makes it one of the most common houseplants. It bears leaves with white, yellow, or light green variations making it stand out from the rest.

To cultivate this plant, all you have to do is cut the part of the plant that helps in plant propagation, and regular watering is needed during summer and often qualifies under the watering indoor plant’s category. Apart from removing indoor pollutants, this plant is known to cause a feeling of calmness in people that have touched its living leaves.

Best suited for: Adorning side walls and garden walls

Specialty: Requires little care and hence is suitable for beginners; fast-growing evergreen climber

Benefits: Remove pollutants, Induce calmness

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