Ornamental Plants

Wedding Vine

Green Walls are the most striking décor you can introduce into your home. They are alive, ever changing and bring with them a host of benefits for the gardener and the space that they’re in. Green Walls, or Vertical Gardens, can be made up of ornamental or productive indoor plants, that is, plants which are nice to look at, or plants that are edible, such as herbs.

In this post, we’ll be looking at ornamental indoor plants for your Green Wall. More specifically, the 10 easiest ornamental indoor plants to use to create your Green Wall at home. We’ve selected the list using the following two criteria:

  • Plants that look great together – a balance of colour, textures, shapes and foliage. Vertical Gardens look best when a lush variety of different plants are combined.
  • Plants that have similar care preferences – you can’t selectively care for each individual plant on your Green Wall, you’ve got to take care of them as an ensemble. As such, your plants have got to like similar amounts of light, water, humidity and fertilizer.

This list contains some of the most popular indoor plants, including Ferns, Bromeliad, Hosta’s and Maranda. The Groups often have similar care preferences, so you could easily substitute one of the plants listed below with another one, e.g. a Boston Fern for a Button Fern.

Ok, so here’s the list of 10 Best Ornamental Plants for Your Green Wall at Home:

  1. Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus Radicans)

A free flowering species with shiny green leaves and striking red elongated flowers that flower almost throughout the year, providing a reliable dash of delicate color. The plant cascades downwards for up to 5 feet, so best to place at the bottom of your Green Wall.

  1. Wedding Vine (Stephanotis Floribunda)

These are quick growing plants, with fragrant flowers, that tend to grow upwards. The runners can extend up to 20 feet in length, so pruning will be required. The Wedding Vine is ideally placed in a corner of your Green Wall, from where you can steer its vines in any direction you like, without obstructing the splendor of its neighbours.

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