We aren’t just a brand that provides you only with the Plants & Trees, rather we dwell in deep to ensure you a “Healthy Environment” to Live-in. We aspire to fill-up your beautiful homes with the loveliest of Plants that eventually turns out be a part of your Daily Living.


Natural Health Remedy


Healing competence


Since our inception, Tamara nursery has always envisioned to provide diverse varieties of Indoor & Ornamental plants that are nurtured with much love & care. Our vision zone isn’t only constrained to this, we also bestow a greater promise to “Transform this world into a Better place to live-in”. All that we strive for is to provide your dream homes with that extra bit of elegance which is worthy enough to ensure a happy living. Let the wonderful species be a part of your daily lives & let you blend with a bit of nature.

What People Say


All that I could say about Tamara is that “They have totally revamped my perspective of plants”. They are just too good!


They had completely changed my House into a Beautiful Home, wherein I could now feel a rejuvenated living. Thanks to the entire team at Tamara for their wonderful service


I had a go at several other nurseries before reaching out to Tamara Nursery, but then the whole team at Tamara did a great job, they never did drop my trust in them.


Tamara is all about the perfect blend of awesome innovation & Healthy Ideas that are par excellence.


Thank you for the wonderful work you have done in our garden. We are very much hoping to work with you again.


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